Where is Walt’s Disney’s plane

The Disney plane has always been a source of pride and admiration for Walt and the Disney company. For the longest time, the plane had been viewable during Disney’s Studio Backlot Tour but after the tour ended in 2014 many of people have asked what happened to Walt’s plane? First a little history of Walt’s planes.


One of the first Disney Aircraft A Beechcraft Queen Air had the official tail name of N234MM soon Disney needed to upgrade to a Beechcraft King Air,


Disneys final aircraft was a Grumman G-159 Gulfstream 1 the plane went into service in spring of 1964 and became part of the tram tour in1993

The tail number on the plane has been N234MM since 1967, but it was N732G back when Walt Disney used the plane. They called the plane “George” in those days. Originally, N234MM was the tail number for the Queen Air. Then they moved it to the King Air. Then, when they got rid of the King Air, they moved the tail number to the Gulfstream 1 Tail numbers on U.S. aircraft start with the designator N, and November is the code for N in the F.A.A. phonetic alphabet. However, when pilots spell out the tail number in communications with Air Traffic Control, they only say the numbers and letters following the N. Bob Gurr described how the pilots would initially use the proper form, “two three four metro metro.” Then they would try “two three four Mickey Mouse.” It did not take long until F.A.A. controllers routinely called N234MM “Mickey Mouse.”

So where is it now? well from sources we have discovered the plane safely sits within Reedy Creek Environmental Sciences compound surrounded by cement barriers


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