Parking Lot and Skyline Construction update 3.1.18 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The Music parking lot has been reopened to guests from behind earlier erected construction walls to reveal one row of new LED technology lighting. Additional light fixture installation in this zone may be delayed in anticipation of the traditional large crowds soon arriving for spring break vacations during which time all available parking is vital. Numerous concrete barricades and other construction materials remain near the old parking ticket booth entrance off Lake Buena Vista…perhaps the old booth will be gone very soon.  Meanwhile, construction crews are working steadily on the Studios future Skyline station. The gondola system’s stop here upon final completion will keep with the theming of the front entrance to the Park with its Golden Era architectural style. Enjoy the new photos and video below to fully experience of all of this related construction work in progress this week outside of the park.

May the Force Be With You!



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