Unfortunately this week, Gertie wasn’t open for the best ice cream in the Hollywood …but frozen treat lovers stay tuned for the dinosaur possibly awaking to serve guests during the Spring break rush at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Photo by John Capos

State of the Studios Address for Week of March 5th 2018

Welcome to the first weekly State of the Studios Address in the month of March. Spring break crowds and warm weather are anticipated in the weeks ahead. To help fans stay up on all the new additions and vital information to make their visit enjoyable, links to the articles below are provided at the bottom along with an audio version.

We start off outside the park with more parking lot news.  The Music parking lot has been reopened to guests from behind earlier erected construction walls to reveal one row of new LED technology lighting. Additional light fixture installation in this zone may be delayed in anticipation of the traditional large crowds soon arriving for spring break vacations during which time all available parking is vital. Numerous concrete barricades and other construction materials remain near the old parking ticket booth entrance off Lake Buena Vista…perhaps the old booth will be gone very soon.  Meanwhile, construction crews are working steadily on the Studios future Skyline station. The gondola system’s stop here upon final completion will keep with the theming of the front entrance to the Park with its Golden architectural style.  Check out the link at the bottom of the article for photos and video of the Skyliner construction.

The Five and Dime Store has done some merchandise rearranging with the back wall that guests may not have caught.   The great assortment of mugs is now on display in the middle section while the photo frames have migrated to the left side. Likely just a marketing switch to create awareness. The Disney/Pixar motion picture Coco, a vibrant tale of a family with their musician son named Miguel, is now ready for purchase on Blu-ray and DVD. Likewise, get fitted for summer fun in the sun with cool Minnie Mouse sunglasses inside the Stage One Store located by the Muppets.

Heads up regarding the soon to open Toy Story Land.  Two existing buildings (Toy Story Midway Mania and Walt Disney Presents) have a new fresh coat of paint. Also the longstanding Soundstage 3 logo on the side of Toy Story Midway Mania is now gone. The latest Park maps available contain a small description inside of the new Toy Story Land.

The construction crane at work last week behind the Chinese Theater was a good sign supporting the idea that Grand Avenue will possibly continue behind the theater and extend all the way around the new Toy Story Land.

Look closely during the next visit inside the numerous gift stores inside the Studios for a refreshed new appearance of the popular character plush animals awaiting purchase.  As pictured below, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Goofy and Pluto all have a bright new look, but retain that classic comfy feel. In fact, Pluto himself is even more lovable with a sitting posture complete with a name tag around his neck. They just released Mickey, Minnie, and Stitch as graduates of the class of 2018. Whether to add to your own Disney plush collection, or for a special gift, check out the link below for full coverage of the plush animals

Unfortunately this week, Gertie wasn’t open for the best ice cream in the Hollywood …but frozen treat lovers stay tuned for the dinosaur possibly awaking to serve guests during the Spring break rush.

The crowd favorite Darth Vader cupcake is now back at Backlot Express.  This chocolate delight made its debut back at Star Wars Weekends in 2012. With a brief return to baked good counters and restaurants at the opening of Star Wars Launch Bay and The Force Awakens debut, this treat is now available for $5.99. Enjoy the chocolate cupcake with tempting peanut butter buttercream icing amidst the Dark Side Chicken and Waffles and the Galactic Salads here at Backlot Express.   Check out the link at the end of the article for pictures and video of this tasty treat.

Back due to popular demand the Groot speaker which Groot will dance to your own music using a aux cord or preloaded music is back at the store inside Walt Disney Presents.

Now for a fresh look this week at the Batuu’s construction effort which continues to reveal steady progress toward the 2019 opening.  Crews were carefully lowering metal beams in place on a structure while the mountain that the workers were painting last week is almost completed.  Notice in the photo below that construction vehicles are now positioned on the backside of the main building.  Crews are likely racing against time to enclose key structures before the Orlando rainy season arrives in full force. Enjoy all the new photos and cutting edge video segments below for the most extensive weekly coverage of ongoing construction.

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