State of the Studios Address Week of March 12th 2018

Welcome to back to our weekly address of new features and guest updates unique to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Links referred to in this address are available at the bottom.

Great News for Park goers…the Studios hours are now extended to 9pm nightly through the months of March and April. Since guests know all park hours are subject to change, this site will work diligently to provide readers any operating time change updates as they occur.

As of this week’s posting, approximately half of the Stage parking lot section is closed due to construction. More zigs and zags to enter the Studios from Lake Buena Vista Drive have been added as construction continues to test visitor driving skills. Anticipate a u-turn just past the current parking booth on a paved lane that is also shared with Disney transportation buses. With all the new barricade placement this week to protect guests on foot  from vehicles , allow extra time and equal patience when departing the lot right at closing time. Click the link below for the full report on the parking construction.

The Disney Skyliner project continues to move ahead as evidenced by new metal structures placed near the anticipated Skyliner station at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This guest transportation will give a new aerial perspective, with iconic Disney characters incorporated into the gondola cabin exterior design. This provides the appearance that a favorite Disney pal is actually riding along with guests.

Catch a glimpse of Rex the Dinosaur in Toy Story Land construction zone. Just stand next to the face paint station in front of Pixar Place to see him between the trees. Will Rex ever get over his inferiority complex?

The short lived but popular event inside Walt Disney Presents Attraction where fans actually walked the red carpet and took a photo with an Oscar statuette has concluded. With the nationwide television broadcast concluding the 90th Academy Awards on March 4, this experienced has rolled up also. However, if you missed receiving your Oscar at The Studios, you can still click below to see the full experience.

Attention Disney shoppers! New character tee shirts that will delight every guest are now available at Keystone Clothiers. Everyone can prepare for a close up movie “screen shot” with colorful tees featuring Disney characters like Scrooge McDuck in his frock coat and top hat.  Or, select a shirt with the body builder physique of Gaston. Why not the Lost Boys of Neverland in their animal pajamas, just to name a few.  Check out the link below for full coverage of these awesome new t-shirts.

Echo Lake is adorned for spring thanks to a new flower bed in the grassy area right past Keystone Clothiers.  Around Echo Lake near the Dockside Diner signs are now reminding guests to please not feed the wildlife. Hard to resist the temptation sometimes with those lovable ducks.

Next visit to The Muppets attraction guests may notice new yellow speakers positioned  on the roof the Grand Arts Theatre above where the “Swedish chef has his editing company”. Not certain as to their ultimate purpose. Likewise, notice closely to spot the new outdoor lighting that has appeared on this building at the exit and is aimed toward the exterior wall. Stay tuned to be the first to know when a display is added. This is similar to the current Star Tours attraction building lighting used to illuminate the former piece of art at the entrance. Check out the link below for full coverage.

Check out this hidden treasure, the Rosie’s Victory Garden lies often unnoticed  hidden next to Catalina Eddie’ s on the heavily guest  traveled Sunset Blvd. eatery . An awesome live garden  including samples of kale, beans, peppers, cabbage, rosemary and mint which is close to its owner’s restaurant, Rosie’s American Café. Why, there are even garden tools attached to the side of the building. Named after Rosie the Riveter from the women working in factories during WW II, this treasure brings a part of cultural history to the Studios. Feel free to check out the link below, but please don’t pick the vegetables.

Don’t be alarmed when you walk into ABC Commissary this week and notice no menu on the wall above the service counter. The dining team is in the process of switching out the board for a brand new digital design to highlight their menu selections. Should be a great addition when selecting from their cuisine.


This week is a great report of construction progress on the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. The Planet of Batuu received a mountain peak on their main formation.  Also, crews have now enclosed the main building from the back to the front! Meanwhile, don’t forget fans can stir up their anticipation by attending the May 27 Star Wars Galactic Nights at Hollywood Studios event. Click the link below for full coverage of the construction update.

Thank you for joining this weekly Studios journey! Remember to check out the website for breaking news articles throughout every week. Hollywood Studios HQ is the number ONE place for accurate in-depth and detailed information regarding all things at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


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The force will be with you always!


John Capos

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