Mickeys of Hollywood Shopping Update at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Mickeys of Hollywood merchandisers have been at work this week enhancing their store display window offerings facing both Hollywood Blvd and Vine Street foot traffic.  Solo: A Star Wars Story merchandise now dominates the Hollywood Blvd display windows to further promote this new motion picture due in theaters later this month. Meanwhile, shoppers are also drawn to the window displays on Vine Street currently promoting upcoming patriotic holiday merchandise offerings. The red, white, and blue themed apparel and accessories   have been observed steadily increasing on shelves in both this store and the Celebrity Five and Dime.

While shopping in Mickeys of Hollywood, guests can now purchase a decorative wooden wall plaque of Mickey Mouse in red, white, and blue to add to their home patriotic decor. Also brand new to delight fans are four new themed Star Wars mugs, offering the shopper a choice of either promoting the Rebel Alliance on their kitchen table or opting for two opposing mug choices on the Dark side with a design that definitely favors the Galactic Empire.

The force will be with you always!

John Capos

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