State of the Studios Address Week of May 21st 2018 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The vast new paved guest parking area has opened to route incoming traffic to the existing parking sections. Meanwhile, as pictured below, the former paved traffic entrance routing that curved guest vehicles past the lot expansion work is now itself under construction. Arriving visitors will also notice new multiple vertical steel beams erected near the Park’s future main entrance. Click the link below for full coverage.

The much anticipated Skyliner guest transportation system continues to progress at a rapid pace, as additional tire shaped guide wheels were positioned high above to guide arriving and departing gondolas. Multiple rubber wheels just installed this week on the support structure will power the themed gondola units in and out of the Park station and are pictured in the link below.

New sidewalk construction in front of the Hyperion Theatre has necessitated guests to detour in both directions around Echo Lake while this major walk way is closed. Disney workers have placed temporary signs pointing to major attractions to help reroute guest movement. The signs begin on Hollywood Blvd and are located on Echo Lake area walkways. Click the link below for full coverage.

Park guests were treated by Buzz Lightyear to an earlier return of Toy Story Midway Mania fastpass plus. Opening 3 days earlier than the scheduled May 20th date, the que line has been modified as pictured below. Anticipation continues to build with the opening of Toy Story Land on June 30th. Click the link below for full coverage.

Disney annual passholders now have first opportunity to purchase their own Toy Story Land MagicBand beginning May 18 through June 29, 2018. This first official Toy Story Land merchandise offering is available exclusively at Mickey’s of Hollywood, Celebrity 5 & 10, Once Upon A Time, and Keystone Clothiers. All other guests will be able to purchase these themed MagicBands beginning June 30. Click the link below for full coverage.

Annual passholder guests will flock to the studios beginning today May 18 through June 29 to obtain their very own complimentary Donald Duck magnet. The famous Duck is featured on a teal background with a bright sunburst behind him. These magnets are ready for pick up daily at the Celebrity Five and Dime.  Click the link below for full coverage.

Guests can now celebrate the upcoming motion picture release, Solo: A Star Wars Story, with a delicious cookies and cream cupcake. This brand new scrumptious dessert topped with cookie crumble buttercream frosting is awaiting any guest’s sweet tooth exclusively at the Fairfax Fare quick service counter for $5.99 each. Click the link below for full coverage.

New special roof top  lighting was spotted along Hollywood Blvd and mounting columns in place atop Grand Avenue buildings in preparation for the May 27 Star Wars: Galactic Nights event. Numerous lighting clusters in place are signs that the Park has initiated preparations for this Star Wars fan event. Click the link below for full coverage.

Guests can now commemorate the upcoming Incredibles 2 motion picture release next month with the very first available selection of themed Disney pins for this new film in the Park.  Entire family member pin sets as well as individual pins of Edna and other Incredibles characters entice shoppers visiting this Animation Courtyard shop location. As pictured below, there is even a Mr. Incredibles and Mrs. Incredibles pin set for couples to share in the fun. Click the link below for full coverage.

Speaking of Incredibles 2, an exclusive sneak peek of the film now awaits annual passholders.  This special viewing is from 9 am to 10 am daily between May 18 and June 29 at Walt Disney Presents.  Passholders can begin their daily Park visit with a glimpse of Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dashiell, Violet, and   Baby Jack-Jack as they star in their new motion picture, set to open in theatres June 15. From 10 am to 8pm the sneak peak is available for all guests. Incredible 2 motion picture themed merchandise awaits guests outside the theatre entrance inside Walt Disney Presents. Click the link below for full coverage.

Over at Mickey’s of Hollywood there are two new glasses that are star wars themed. One supports the x wing squadron of the rebels and the other is supporting the tie fighters of the empire. If water bottles are more your taste, there are once again two new water bottles one for each faction of the war.

Colorful Mighty Wookie, Solo, and Falcon Freighter themed tee shirts are now awaiting shoppers here at Legends of Hollywood. Also, guests will likely flock to the New Han Solo and Chewie costume detailed shirts that have also just arrived. This costumed design selection will give any adult size fan an authentic actor look. Complement any new apparel with a Millennium Falcon wallet or backpack. Clink the link below for full coverage.

The Disney Junior Play ’n Dine Breakfast Buffet, as well as Minnie’s Seasonal Dine Events for lunch and dinner, now receive a 20% off discount for annual passholders. This double discount is being offered May 18 through June 29. Guests will want to make their Disney Dining reservations at Hollywood & Vine early to take advantage of this limited time annual passholder offer.

Over at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, workers were busy on a high platform fastening plastic sheeting over a remaining wall opening, likely in anticipation of a return to inclement weather. Also pictured below is a view of the back wall of a major building awaiting installation of a remaining panel for final closure to the elements. An additional side wall near the Muppet Vision 3D on this same building still awaits numerous outside panels. Click the link below for full coverage.

The force will be with you always!

John Capos


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