Reel Vogue Highlights Incredibles 2 Merchandise at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Incredibles 2 motion picture merchandise now occupies the Reel Vogue store main display location that formerly highlighted Toy Story themed products. Fans of this soon to be released motion picture truly have an incredible selection of Incredibles 2 products. Shoppers can select from realistic adult and child size Mr. Incredible costumes, detailed action figures, a 72- piece tub of miniature heroes and villains, infant themed clothing as well as Incredible Dad and Mom mugs. Merchandise also includes matching Couples tee shirts, Pop figures of the Incredibles 2 family, and toy cars for the youngsters, a variety of family character plush, and even a unique Edna wig. All these themed products are pictured below. Toy Story fans still have a plentiful merchandise selection which has been magical relocated inside Reel Vogue by replacing other Pixar film products.

The force will be with you always!

John Capos

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