Solo: Star Wars Character Costumes Display at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Guests visiting Disney’s Star Wars Launch Bay gallery can see Han Solo’s authentic Corellia costume in intricate detail. The clothing Han Solo wore during his street thief days is modeled by a full size figure. Guests can view Han Solo with clothing and accessories representative of his association with the White Worms gang. In a nearby full glass display case, viewers will also marvel at the Corellia costume worn by the 18 year old Qi’ra. This character in the Solo: Star Wars motion picture stands in full array. Her show case also displays unique accessories and props from the upcoming film, such as a Range Trooper helmet, originally worn by specialized solders whose role was to defend Imperial interests in frontier settlements. Visitors can see both life size costumes on display in this front gallery.


The force will be with you always!

John Capos

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