State of the Studios Address Week of July 30, 2018 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Construction work on the future main vehicle entrance is progressing. New guard rails as well as pavement grooving work are visible near the connector bridge leading to the main parking area. Likewise, additional progress is visible on the new ticket booths. At the Osceola Parkway entrance to this new roadway, crews have completed the steel overhead ramp that will eventually usher guests from I-4 into the new Park entrance. Meanwhile, new photos below show the progress of the Stage parking area renovation including new landscaping and guest walkway shading. Click the link below for full coverage.

Guests will find a new foam soap product available in restrooms. While using significantly less than a pump of liquid soap, the foam product deposits rich lather-like foam that may promote more thorough hand washing.  The new foam product will still benefit guests by providing hand hygiene.

Keystone Clothiers offer guests a new array of graphic tee shirt apparel for adults. Shoppers can select from a light blue retro Walt Disney World logo shirt featuring beloved Walt and Mickey. Lion King fans can display images of Timon and Pumbaa on a dark blue tee shirt. Likewise, a grey Sebastian image tee conveys the bold message: “The Human World is a Mess”. Guests in search of coordinated couple’s tops can purchase black and white colored tees lettered with “Power” on the man’s and “Couple” on the woman’s. A Mickey tee shirt is available with the Mouse proclaiming:” I don’t do matching shirts”. Additional apparel selections on Keystone Clothiers racks include a novel slogan tee “I’ll do it Tomorrowland “,  in addition to brightly colored Nike men’s golf shirts complete with an arm sleeve Mickey image. Click the link below for full coverage.

The side structures of the Park’s Chinese Theatre are undergoing exterior painting. Rope barriers direct guests away from the current work underway. This entire landmark structure will eventually house the Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway attraction set to open in 2019.

Guests dining at Woody’s Lunch Box quick service will experience some much needed relief from the summer heat. Portable fans have been positioned around the seating area to increase air flow. The menu continues to offer selections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

New Figurine playsets are awaiting shoppers on Carthay Circle shelves. These include a selection of Ducktales, Winnie The Pooh, or Lilo and Stitch characters.

The popular Reel Vogue store has reopened after a brief refurbishment. New tile flooring has been installed to match the design of the adjoining Beverly Sunset Boutique.

New carpeting was recently installed in the que of the Chewbecca Meet and Greet at the Star Wars Launch Bay.

A buy one, get one free offer for collector pins from the motion picture Solo: A Star Wars Story can be found at various merchandise locations. These include Mickey’s of Hollywood and Star Wars Launch Bay.

Guests shopping for new key chains at the Dark Room will find brand new themed Mickey and Minnie selections.

New photos below reveal further construction progress of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. A new steel structure taking shape is now visible on the end of one of the main buildings. Also, mountainous formations are nearing exterior surface completion. Stay connected with Hollywood Studios HQ for the latest on the Planet Batuu construction. Click the link below for full coverage.

The force will be with you always!

John Capos


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