Crews have completed the circular dome roofing on another structure.Work continues to expand the mountain range final surface coating. Hollywood Studios HQ brings viewers new weekly close up construction reports. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Disney's Hollywood Studios. Photo by John Capos

State of the Studios Address Week of December 10, 2018 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Workers this week completed the installation of nighttime lighting for a guest walk way. Roof top welding activity was present on the skyliner station structure. Click the link below for full coverage. 

Construction workers continue metal structure work and are installing outdoor pole lighting as pictured below. Crews are adding additional landscaping this week. The Stage guest parking area continues to undergo night time paving.

Guests can select from an array of Mickey Mouse Club apparel, mugs, plush, and other  items  at Mickey’s of Hollywood.  This Mouseketeer merchandise selection offers great holiday ideas that will make  perfect gifts  for adults and children. Themed tee shirts, jackets, socks and Mouse ear ball caps await shoppers.  Colorful Club themed throws, plush characters, saucers, and mugs are also on display. Click the link below for full coverage.

Construction workers are actively completing a new structure located immediately outside the future Metroville city block .  No indication at this time what this  building will host. Stay connected with Hollywood Studios HQ for the latest news.

Backlot Express now offers guests a scrumpious mouuse dessert selection.  Chocolate cake in a crunchy praline are the base for  this rich cone shaped mouuse delight.

The Stage 1 Company Store offers shoppers their first glimpse of brand new apparel  and accessories themed on the upcoming motion picture Mary Poppins Returns.  Located near the Muppet Vision 3D exit, the store displays colorful handbags, logo note cards, Pop figures, and a multi colored women’s top. There is even a Mary Poppins Returns doll. 

The film of Walt Disney’s life returns to the  silver screen inside Walt Disney’s Theatre. This motion picture catalogs Walt’s personal life story from birth to fame. Meanwhile, the small gift store inside the venue is closed at this time. 

Crews have completed the circular dome roofing on another structure on the planet Batuu. Work continues to expand the mountain range final surface coating. 

The force will be with you always!

John Capos

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