State of the Studios Address Week of February 4, 2019 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Construction crews continue work on the future resort bus guest arrival and departure structures.  Overhead gate number signs and que railings are being installed along with exterior surface finishing. Photos below reveal that some scaffolding is being removed from a terminal while structure fabrication continues  in the former guest tram pick  up area. Restrooms located near the outdoor guest relations service windows were closed this week. Click the link below for full coverage.

Guests can now help the environment  by  purchasing any one of three size reusable merchandise shopping bags.  The brightly colored themed bags with handles are made from 80% recycled plastic bottles. These are available at any Park register.

A new colored themed giant Incredibles logo has been added at the end of the An Incredible Celebration city block. Pink colored donut  Mickey Mouse ears are ready for purchase  inside Mickey’s of Hollywood.

Shoppers can select from Disney Cars themed children’s apparel as well as plush and other toy merchandise. Clothing selections include a Lightning McQueen racing jacket. Click the link below for full coverage.

Construction crews continue work on Planet Batuu with fabrication welding in various locations  as materials are delivered overhead by crane. Additional spire detail  have been added on various domes this week while workers continue to remove scaffolding from the mountain landscape. Click the link below for full coverage.

The force will be with you always!

John Capos


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