Shop Universal: Weekly New Merchandise Update January 26, 2022. Photo by John Capos

Shop Universal: Weekly New Merchandise Update January 26, 2022

Welcome and join us for a virtual shopping trip around the Islands for Adventure for new merchandise.

First stop is Islands of Adventure Trading Company with Marvel themed selections including an Captain America hand wallet and back pack, Spiderman glasses and water bottles, and  an array of attraction-scented candles. Sing 2 themed plush animals are also on the shelves.

Next shopper’s stop is All Hallows Voodoo Boutique featuring an annual pass holder Mardi Hat and colorful Mardi Gras Shirt,  complete with festive fanny pack. Monster fans can shop for Frankenstein and wife of Frankenstein shirts as well as Creature of the Black Lagoon sweatshirt.

Third merchandise visit is to the Jurassic Discovery Center with personalized Jurassic Park themed ID Badges, as well as  a neat Jurassic Park hat, wallet, and dinosaur pillow pets.

Final shopping destination is the Wossamotta U featuring the Secret World of Pets mugs and t-shirts along with a lovable max plush.

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